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Welcome to Foundations Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy Seattle, Shoreline, & Everett

CHANGE YOUR FEELINGS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!  We have thousands of thoughts every day, it is not so much what we think, it is what we feel. that creates our reality. The images and words that you create in your head, generate feelings and emotions, and it is those feelings and emotions that create our reality. Just by altering the images, and words that fill your brain, you can dramatically alter your life, your attitude, experiences, and environment thus enjoying greater success, greater prosperity, and greater health.

No matter what is going on around us, we experience our environment based on the feelings created by our emotions, which stem from our images, words, memories, and deeply held beliefs. Within one session, using clinical hypnotherapy, and Foundations Emotional Release Therapy,  you can access your subconscious, detach from old feelings and allow new feelings and new emotions to create a new life circumstance f0r yourself.

My name is DLScott and I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with the state of Washington for over twenty years. During that time I have created and facilitated various workshops for the State of Washington, Bellevue Community High School, and Recovery / Harm Reduction Conferences across the country. These workshops have taught people how to CHANGE THEIR THINKING & CHANGE THEIR LIVES  allowing them to take control of their lives, and live the type of life they have always dreamed of.

My clients have included, Drs., Lawyers, television producers, housewives, business owners, and many others from all walks of life.  These clients have been very successful in many areas of life, yet realized that they still wanted or needed something more.

Over the years I continued to blend the ideas, and techniqes of hypnosis, recovery, and life coaching. While working as the Clinical Coordinator for Project NEON, a program that targeted Men who injected Crystal Methamphetamine, I discovered that hypnosis increased a person’s ability to quit using substances forever. The technique has been shown to be effective with any and all substances including cigarettes and harder drugs.

My Philosophy is very simple. We are not made up of atoms, we are made up of stories. No matter what is going on around us, we experience and live our lives based on the  images held in our minds, and these images create our beliefs.  Most of us have limiting core beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unlovable,” or “I’m fundamentally flawed.” We may intellectually know and understand these to be untrue and yet these false beliefs tailor our life experience. Foundations Hypnotherapy eliminates the impact of negative beliefs and empowers you to form new positive and life affirming meanings and behaviors. You can utilize the power of your subconscious mind to create the life of your dreams NOW!

Individual sessions are available for:

* Pain and health conditions
* Depression, anger, rage
* Sleep Enhancement
* Addictions and obsessive compulsive behaviors
* Abuse issues – including Sexual, physical, emotional, or mental
* Weight Loss
* Anxiety, fears, and phobias
* Coming Out Issues
* Connecting with higher Spiritual Nature
* Test Anxiety
* Experiencing abundance, success, and prosperity

I have witnessed amazing changes in clients lives, and have seen people go from being stuck in old beliefs and agreements, to moving toward their goals and dreams.

What Clients say about DLScott

* “I strongly recommend D.L. to anyone looking to seriously face their challenges/fears. He has an amazing ability to zero in on an issue and not waste time talking about all the trivial stuff. During the toughest period of my life, D.L. was one person who I knew believed in my ability to overcome the greatest challenges. Rather than allow me to focus on the problem, he helped me see things in a new light and discover a completely new way of living. Today, I enjoy my life and have a hopefulness and confidence I could never have imagined. I believe that D.L. was the spark that helped fuel my new life.”

Sandon Smith

Over the years I’d managed to define my existence with a whole lot of, I can’t. I can’t find love, I can’t get a job, I can’t go to school, and so on. With DL’s patient wisdom and experience my eyes began to open and realize there was an entire lifestyle out there for me that I’d yet to tap into. The only thing holding me back was my own belief system. And now the only thing “I can’t” do is be restricted by self imposed limitations. I now enjoy healthier relationships with my partner, friends, and family and am very excited about my progress as a student working towards the career of my dreams. Thanks DL.

Trenton Garris.

Don’t delay, call My office in North Seattle, Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Everett at (206) 417-4900. The office is located at 337 North 143rd St. Seattle, WA. 98133 take the 130th St. exit off of I-5 north, or the 145th St. exit off of I-5 South.