It is 2011, What Role Does your EGO Play in the New Year?

By DLScott CH.t.

I just recently finished working with a client, in my studio where I see clients for Counseling -Hypnosis in North Seattle, Shoreline,  who was complaining of abandonment issues, lack of self confidence, insecurity, need for attention, and jealousy.  He had been having trouble with an assignment that I had given him regarding letting go of the stories that keep him stuck in those issues, and behaviors.
As I explained to him, those behaviors are the result of agreements made long ago, and those agreements were designed and used by his EGO to keep the EGO safe, secure. They would not necessarily kept him happy or living a life of success & joy, but they would allow the EGO to  keep itself in a position of safety and security.

How can this be possible, you may ask.

As I have mentioned before, the biggest fear and terror that EGO has is that of death, complete & total annihilation. When you die, when your physical body dies, the EGO is done. The thoughts, the memories, the images, the totally of our mental scripts, are gone. Now the energy, the awareness, the consciousness that is the true you will go on in some fashion, it is energy, and energy never dies, it simply continues in another form, what that other form is, is still up for debate, and one that I cannot answer. What I can answer is that for you to truly enjoy your existence, for you to truly live a life of success, happiness, and joy, you have to step into the driver’s seat. You have to take control of your life, let go of traumas, fears, addictions, phobias, and anxieties. Forgive your past, and start living your present.  (As someone once said, Forgiveness is giving up all hope of having a better past).  The past is done and over with, it is simply a memory, an electrochemical bit of energy that keeps replaying over and over in your brain. You have no control over this, but you do have control over the present moment, the choices you make in the present moment, and whether you are going to live and EGO centered life, or whether you are going to live a life based in conscious choices and deliberate creativity.

How can you do this?

First you must let go of old attachments, traumas, emotional stresses, and images, and beliefs. You must allow yourself to believe that you can have the life you truly desire.

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