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Everywhere that I turn these days, I hear about more and more people facing threats and challenges that are causing an increased amount of stress, people are dealing with stress from job loss, violence, credit fraud, illnesses, and lack of health care. Just this morning I was reading a story about a young boy who was allegedly beaten death by four other teenagers at a party he had attend, and he had not even known his attackers before they allegedly killed him. The stress levels in our culture are rising on a daily basis.

I had originally gotten into the field of Hypnosisand Hypnotherapy because of the effects of stress on body.  I was working on an oncology unit and had several discussions with the Oncology Drs.  About the fact that you can give a cancer patient all of the radiation treatment, all of the chemotherapy treatment necessary, but nothing is going to have any true impact as long as you don’t deal with the effects of stress and attitude occurring with the patient.

I decided that I wanted to learn how to help people deal with the effects of their stress and attitude, and what I found out was that they are basically two categories of stress. The first category is short term stress. Now short term stress is a necessary, it helps you respond to actual danger, and helps you to deal with challenges that appear in your life.

In the past,  short term stress served a very useful purpose as our ancient ancestors were often in danger from predators and other life threatening factors in their environment. The effects of the flight or fight response, activited by short term stress, would often mean the difference between life and death.

The second type of stress, Long term stress, does not serve such a nobel purpose. You see the brain does not know the difference between a real or imagined event, and in these very trying times we have to deal with such things as threats in the form of job challenges, relationship challenges, money challenges, violence and bigotry. These threats cause the same fight or flight response to occur in our system, but instead of the effects of the stress response being dissipated once the threat is over, the effects  often time linger on, and our bodies have to deal with the effects on a long term basis.

These effects manifest in five basic ways:
1. Muscles tense up
2. Blood pressure rises
3. Toxins & chemicals are released into the body
4. Our bodies  ability to deal with or eliminate toxins, is lessened, (one primary culprit is Cortisol, also known  as the stress hormone)
5. Our immune system response is dampened, thus leading to increase in disease and ill health

What is the solution to these effects? One of the best solutions is to learn effective methods of self hypnosis, and / or meditation.  When you attend hypnotic sessions at Foundations Hypnosis North ~ Seattle ~ Everett, you will be put into a series of very relaxing hypnotic inductions, during which you will be exposed to a special technique called Emotional Release Therapy. This technique will allow you to gently release the effects of stress on the cells of the body, while it helps you to flush out toxins and excess chemicals easily and effortlessly.  While all of this is happening you will be taught basic techniques of self hypnosis that will allow you to deal with stress that will arise in your future on a daily basis.

Foundations Hypnosis guarantees affordable prices due to the low overhead of owning my own studio where the work is actually done. The therapy is accomplished in as little as four to five sessions, with special low fee maintenance sessions available to you.

If You are experiencing any challenges or issues in your life, that are causing you Stress, then contact Foundations Counseling Hypnosis North Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett today, at (206) 417-7900.

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