Anxiety, Stress, Addiction, and Focus

Are you struggling with anxiety, stress, and addiction issues? Do you find that to relieve that cycle of anxiety,  stress, you are compensating with some type of addictive behavior, such as food, alcohol, or drugs. Do find that your emotions are out of control, Are you experiencing bouts of anger, depression?

Well let me tell you, the issue is not that there is anything wrong with you, you are perfectly fine, your brain is working perfectly fine, just the way that it was designed to work in fact. The problem is, what you are allowing yourself to focus on.

Most of us were taught to believe that we are our thoughts. Rene Descartes, the Christian Mystic, coined the phrase, “I think, therefore I am”!  The truth of the matter is that  your brain thinks, because that is what it is suppose to do. Our brains are what allow us to exist, and function on a daily basis. It runs our physical body, our heart, our internal functions, everything we need to live. It also has thousands and thousands of thoughts each day, thoughts based on lies and falsehoods that we have been trained to believe throughout the course of lives. The brain is one of the most incredible an sophisticated computers in existence, without it you could not live in this physical realm of time, space, and matter. The brain takes in thousands of bits of information and ideas on a daily basis and it interprets those bits of information and messages based on the information and messages that make up your basic program. If your brain, like most, was trained to look for the negative, to gossip, and make assumptions, then this leads to anxiety, and to stress. Your brain is working perfectly fine, as they say in the computer field, the hardware is running great, it is the software that needs to be changed. From the time you were a small child, your brain has been filled with images, messages, and lies that keep  you reacting with STRESS, and  ANXIETY, to the world around you. This is the brains basic programming.  BUT!!!! the brain is not you. You are the life force, the energy, the soul, the chi, the prana, that exist, behind it all. You are in control, not your brain.

As I describe it to my clients, think of yourself as driving a car. Think about getting into the car, turning the car on, putting the car into gear, taking the brake off, and then getting out of the car. What would happen to the car? The Car would starting moving around until it runs into something or gets into some type of wreak.

Now think of your body as the chassis to the car, the brain as the engine to the car, but where is the driver?

Most of us think of the brain as being who they are. We have allowed our selves to sit back and let the engine do the driving, putting the car into a form of auto pilot. We just sit back and give up true control.

What if you were to learn how to take control, what if you were to learn how to focus, and start directing our daily lives, our goals, our plans, and our dreams. Think about it, you are in complete and total control of yourself, and your reactions. While there may be things like random events and there may be random people that come into your life, you have NO control over these events or people. You do have COMPLETE Control over your reactions and your attitudes. This is the gift you were given when you were born into this world, complete and total free will, to react, behave, and live out your life. Why not live your life with a minimum of anxiety, and / or stress.

You can spend your life focusing on all the negatives, you can spend your life reacting to all of the seemingly random events in your life, or you can TAKE CONTROL, you can use your mind, instead of it using you. Just by taking control of what you focus on, you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish. Quit Smoking, Quit Addictive behaviors and substances. Attract and sustain better and healthier relationships. Reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.

Don’t delay; call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle / Shoreline, and  “Everett”, (206) 417-4900 today. You WILL be glad that you did.


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