Change the Image, Change the Feeling, it's That Easy

By DLScott CH.t / AASD / CDP
So many people come to me seeking to rid themselves of emotional stress, fear, phobias, anxieties, addictions to drugs or alcohol, wanting to quit smoking, learn how to sleep better, relieve themselves of various other issues or problems. They are always amazed that once they begin to learn the process, they are able to accomplish their aims within a matter of a few sessions, and in some cases they find incredibly swift and powerful relief within the first session.

Can it really be that simply? After going through months, and years of traditional therapy, can they actually find the relief they were looking for within a matter of just a few minutes or a few hours.

The answer is YES!!!! With the power of your mind, you can learn amazing techniques that will allow you to become unstuck and move ahead in life, dropping behaviors, fears, emotional traumas, and anxieties and actually live the type of life that you have only dreamed of.

With Foundations Hypnosis, NLP, Seattle ~ Everett you can experience results within a very short time. Results that are powerful, and long lasting.

The secret is in the ability to recognize that you live your life based on the character and content of the images  in your mind.

By changing the characterand content of those images, our bodies react in a totally different way. You will go from experiencing fear and anxiety, to being able to experience new positive feelings  in just a matter of a brief time.  Think about that, you don’t have to forget or denay any thoughts or images, you just need to learn how to change the character and content of the problematic image.

Just the other day I was working with a client who had not been able to get himself to quit chewing tobacco, by simply having him look at, and change the character and  the content of the images and the messages related to chewing tobacco, he was able to drop years of cravings and addiction to this unhealthy and disgusting habit in a matter of minutes.

What is it that you want to change in your life? What do you want to experience in a new powerful and positive way in your life? It can be done swiftly and completely, and it will be accomplished with the resources that you have always had inside of you, but never knew existed.

Call NOW, (206) 417-4900, Foundations Hypnosis, NLP, Seattle ~ Shoreline ~ Everett. Both evening and day times appointments are available.

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