Where Does Your Confidence Come From?

DLScott CH.t. / CDP / AASD

Just recently I have received several phone calls re: the use of hypnosis to help raise a person’s confidence as they try to return to the job market.

When you call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Shoreline ~ Everett. the first question I ask is why do you think you feel a lack of confidence in going back into the job market? The popular answer may seem obvious to those going through this process, and the answer is tied into what people are seeing as a slow economy, and lack of opportunity, BUT……..

Consider for a moment that we live from the inside out. Our beliefs, our agreements, our feelings are created by our thoughts, and our thoughts are created by the words we speak, the words we read, the words we hear, and the words we think.

Hypnosis cannot create a job for you, but you can learn self hypnosis for building confidence,  it can help you keep focused and aware of all of the possibilities that exist around you. When you focus on the lack, all you see is the lack.  I recently mentioned in a conversation with several people, we as nation are focused on the fact that we are being told we have 9.8% unemployment, and when you focus on that it creates feelings of frustration, fear, and lack. Now if we focus on the fact that those numbers suggest that we have 90.2% employment then we feel lighter, and more hopeful. We are motivated to keep moving, and keep looking.

With that said, it would be good to remember why we immediately are hooked by the negative aspects of any situation instead of the positive. Hypnosis can help you eliminate feelings associated with old beliefs and old messages about who you are, that don’t match with you want to be, or who you really can be.

We gain our self concept from many sources, beginning in our child hood with family, friends, church, media, and school. If were contently given the message that you were no good, you were unworthy, you didn’t deserve good things, (were told that you had to get perfect scores in school, or were you told that you should always do your best?), then your subconscious was recording these ideas, and you were developing the basis of your own self – worth, esteem, and confidence from these words.  These words created thoughts, and these thoughts created feelings. We live from the feelings that we produce and experience.

Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ North Seattle ~ Lynwood uses a technique called Emotional Release Therapy to detach from the feelings created by your thoughts, and allows you to see those thoughts for what they are, just thoughts.  Then utilizing the tool of mindfulness to help you gain insight into the nature of thoughts, you will find that you can become the master of your thoughts and feelings. You will learn to use self hypnosis to focus on your desires, and obtain those things that you really want to experience.

If you want to experience long term solutions in a short term therapeutic setting, if you want to raise your self confidence, if you want to eliminate feelings of unworthiness, fear, anxiety, and lack, then CALL NOW, Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Shoreline ~ Everett, at (206) 417-4900.  Hypnosis works.

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