What are you focusing your attention on?

The Power of Thoughts

DLScott CH.t. / CDP / AASD


No matter how you approach it, or what the issue is that we are talking about, we are actually dealing with thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

How true this is.  When we want to change a condition in our lives, whether that be smoking, low self worth or low self esteem, weight issues, job issues, poor relationships, panic and anxiety issues, money issues, etc. we first need to change our thoughts about the condition.

Think about that, when you have an issue or a problem, what do you think about the most? Are you thinking about the solution to the problem, or are you thinking about the problem itself. 

Over the last several days I have found myself thinking about all of the issues and problems that are going on in our country due to violence, anger, retaliation, and fear. What I have recognized, (again), is that this just creates more of an awareness and focus on what I don’t want instead of on what I do want. It does not matter whether you side with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; the solution is to start focusing on solutions instead of the problems.

This same rule applies with all issues in our life.  We need to retrain ourselves to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want. One of the best ways to do this is by using the power of your mind and heart to direct and master the images and messages contained within your subconscious brain.

We never engage in any behavior or activity unless we perceive that it is granting us some kind of benefit. What benefit do you think that you are getting from your behavior, i.e. how do you believe that you are benefitting from smoking, drinking, anger, playing the victim, etc.?

You can uncover these benefits, release the need for them, and then create new behaviors by using Hypnosis, and specifically Foundations Hypnosis Emotional Release Therapy.

Why not give it try, call the office, (206) 417-4900, or fill out an assessment located on this website.




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