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Foundations Hypnosis & Counseling Addiction(s) & Recovery

Foundations Hypnosis has a unique program that combines hypnosis, counseling, life coaching, and a harm reduction approach that allows a client to eliminate the addictive use of substances and obsessive behaviors from their lives for good.

For as long as I have been a chemical dependency counselor, and beyond, the question has always persisted, is addictive behavior an illness that needs to treated as a chronic medical condition or a conditioned behavior that can be changed through intention and will. The bottom line is “Am I willing and ready to change my thinking, behaviors, and relationships if those changes will free me from my habit?

There are many underlying causes and reasons that people use chemicals or behaviors in an abusive or addictive fashion. These causes range from stress, loneliness, anger, self medication to relieve fears and phobias, low self worth, and generally not believing that we are good enough or not worthy of good things in our lives.

During the first session you will examine some of the initial benefits of your substance use:; increased confidence, ability to socialize, relaxation, and covering up of fears and phobias.  Then through the amazing power of hypnosis, and expert counseling, you will be coached in ways to use techniques such as self hypnosis to achieve those same benefits in your life instead of the use of substances, or behaviors.

Recovery takes effort and willingness on the part of the client, but the process is made much easier more relaxing, and much more effective by adding the power of hypnosis.

The basis for the Foundations Hypnosis & Counseling is in the use of hypnosis and emotional release therapy, which utilizes the power of the subconscious mind to comfortably and easily change thoughts and images. You will be taught new ways of dealing with stress, and letting go of resentments and angers that have kept you stuck in old behaviors, and patterns.

This is coupled with supportive counseling, and a life coaching, that addresses core needs and beliefs. You will be addressing issues that range from socialization, various forms of spirituality, the ability to relax, both mentally and physically, and physical effects of substances on the body. Listen to what one of the many successful clients had to say about this program.

I saw DLScott off and on during my recovery journey. He helped me to work through serveral childhood issues while he helped me to get clean and sober. He is a trustful, honest and supportive counselor. He seemed to always have my best interest in mind. I really felt that when I saw him it was all about me. Because of people like him, and the support I have gotten I am now 3 years clean and sober.

“Thanks Josh P”

Don’t delay, call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Everett at (206) 417-4900. The office is located at 337 no. 143rd St. Seattle, WA. 98133 take the 130th St. exit off of I-5 north, or the 145th St. exit off of I-5 South