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Out of all of our Addictions, Nicotine Addiction  is one of our cultures most dangerous and costly Addictions.  Did you know that within just 20 Minutes of not smoking, your  blood pressure drops to normal, your pulse rate drops to normal, your body temperature of hands and feet returns to normal. Within 8 Hours of not smoking the carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal, the oxygen level in blood increases to normal. Within just 24 hours your chance of a heart attack decreases, and within 48 hours your nerve endings start re-growing.  Within just two to three months your circulation improves, you’re walking becomes easier, and lung function increases up to 30 percent.

Money is tight these days; one of the things that make it even tighter is the cost of our Health Care. When you sign up for Insurance, whether that be through your work or through the new Affordable Care Act, you will find that your premiums are going to be that much higher if unless you address your Addictions to both smoke and other drugs such as alcohol.

Cigarettes are now at about $8.00 a pack in most places, and with taxes that price will soon be going up.  If you are just looking at it from the stand point of out of pocket expense that means you are spending over $224.00 a month. Now add in the consequences of health issues, such as COPD. Emphysema, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks and Strokes, and you have plenty of GREAT reasons to give up a habit / addiction that is becoming increasingly unpopular.

As I have mentioned before research of numerous Smoking Cessation Programs show that of all documented smoking cessation protocols, hypnosis is the most effective, with a success rate of over 68%.  When you compare that rate with success rate of trying to quit on your own, at about 7% success, or behavioral therapy programs at 24%, or even the popular Nicotine Replacement Products, at 27%, I have to tell you that your best bet for quitting nicotine use is hypnosis.

Even with the e-new e-cigarettes, you are using a product that has not been FDA approved, and the manufacturing usually takes place in China and / or Mayleshia, where the requirements to reveal what is actually in the products are not the same as they are in the United States.

Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Bellevue has been helping people quit smoking for over twenty five years, with their special Relaxed and Free Smoking Cessation Program, and has a proven track record when it comes to success rates.

There are many smoking cessation programs out there that will tell you that they guarantee 99% success rate with just one session, these are claims are misleading and outrageous.  Without getting into the details of each case, I can assure you that the people who quit with just one session are not the norm. In fact people who quit in just one session are the ones who would have quit no matter what, (see 7% success rate of quitting on your own, in above paragraph).  For those of you who have decided to quit, but aren’t in that seven percent category, here are a few tips and facts to consider.

  • Foundations Relaxed and Free covers all of the different aspects of an addiction reduction, and elimination program. We work with the physical, emotional and mental aspects, of your addiction, making sure that you have the necessary tools to stop smoking forever.
  • Foundations Relaxed and Free Smoking Program is run by a qualified Smoking Cessation Counselor, Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Hypnotherapist.
  • Unlike programs that promise results in one session, we teach you skills and tools over a five week period. These skills and tools include Hypnosis for stress relief, and subconscious reprogramming, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques for Conscious reprogramming, a unique step down program that address the physical component by easily and effortlessly allowing you to reduce the amount of nicotine that you take into your system until you reach that important quit date, that you and you are alone choose.

If you are looking for a proving program that will help eliminate nicotine from your life forever, then please take a moment to click on the Smoking Cessation Assessment, and take our convenient and easy assessment to find out if this program is the right one for you.

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