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Hypnosis & Counseling North Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett

DLScott CH.t / CDP / AASD

Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxed state of mind that we enter and leave many times during the day. A common example is when you are driving along, daydreaming about some event, you come to a stoplight and suddenly you realize that you have not been aware of your surroundings or the last few miles you have driven. The same affect can be felt when you are listening to a song on the radio, and suddenly you are transported back to the first time you heard the song: or you become so absorbed in a book or a movie, and you are startled back to the present by someone calling your name, or shaking you.

This state of focused concentration is being created by the body – mind connection. When you have a thought or an image, this produces an emotion which produces a feeling, which produces a physical reaction, through the electro – chemical bits of energy produced in the central nervous system. Foundations Hypnosis and Counseling of Seattle~Everett uses this body mind connection to help create physical reactions in the body that are designed to eliminate addictive habits and behaviors, fears and phobias, rid yourself of panic attacks, lose weight, increase self worth and esteem, manage or control anger, manage the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), heal physical ailments, manage both emotional and physical pain, and all by accessing the energy of your emotions through the focused concentration of hypnosis. Foundations Hypnosis & Counseling of North Seattle ~ Everett takes this one step further by incorporating a technique called Emotional Release Therapy to increase your ability to let go of the feelings and electro – chemical bits of energy that have been keeping stuck in negative beliefs, and thoughts.

The major point to remember about hypnosis is that mind does not know the difference between a real or imagined event. In a study done in the University of Wisconsin, three groups of people were tested for their ability to shoot baskets from the foul line. The first group of 8 were tested and then sent home with the instructions to return in 30 days, without thinking about or touching a basketball during those 30 days. The second group of people were tested and asked to spend one hour a day practicing shooting baskets for the next 30 days, they were also asked to come back and retest. The final group of people were asked to come back in 30 days to retest. During the time between the tests they were asked to spend 1 hour a day mentally practicing shooting baskets, nothing more, just mentally practicing. In the first group of people there was no noticeable difference between the two tests. In the second group of people, those who physically practiced shooting baskets, there was an increase of 24% in their ability to shoot baskets, and in the last group of people, those who were asked to mentally practice shooting baskets, there was a 23% increase in their ability to shoot baskets. Only one percent difference between those who physically practiced and those who mentally practiced. THE MIND KNOWS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REAL OR IMAGINED EVENT.

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