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Hypnosis North Seattle Counseling Everett Smoking Cessation Program

Wow, another success! Foundations Hypnosis is such a successful, and easy way to quit smoking, that I now guarantee this program. Drawing from my skills as a hypnotherapist, and chemical dependency counselor, I have created a unique program that combines hypnosis, counseling, and detoxification that shows clients to stop smoking easily, naturally and comfortably.

Foundations Hypnosis includes several different components to the Quit Smoking process. The core is hypnosis which utilizes the power of the subconscious mind to create an atmosphere of relaxation, in which you comfortably and easily change thoughts and images of your former habit. This alleviates the stress and anxiety that often triggers you to fall back into the addiction. Next  is a safe and effective method of detoxification that helps lessen the physical effects of withdrawal from the nicotine. These components are applied with counseling and couching regarding your conscious thoughts and feelings that have keep you stuck in the habitual performance of your addiction.

Hypnosis is the most effective and powerful method to quit smoking. The success rate for those attempting to stop smoking on their own is 7%, while it’s only 24% for behavioral therapy programs, and still only 27% for the popular nicotine replacement products. The success rate to stop smoking with Hypnosis is 92%. The success rate with Foundations Hypnosis Stop Smoking reaches the 100% mark.

When you decide that you are ready to stop spending up to $270.00 a month on your nicotine habit and you are truly ready for a positive change in your life, then NOW is the time to act and claim for yourself a new healthy body and life.

I am a former cigarette smoker so I know how hard it is to kick this vicious and enslaving habit. I used to smoke two packs a day and have not had a craving to smoke for twenty six years. Every week I smile as I listen to clients tell me how easy it is to quit smoking using Foundations Hypnosis after trying unsuccessfully for years using other methods.

Listen to what two former smokers and satisfied customers have to say about this program.

“After nearly 30 years of smoking I was able to quit with the help of Foundations Hypnosis North Seattle ~ Everett, technique’s developed by DL Scott.  Even though I had tried every thing I could find in attempts to quit, it was only with DL Scott’s guidance and support that I was finally free.  I have not smoked, nor wanted to, in over 12 years”.
(Mykal Amare)
“I can’t believe how easy this process has been. The skills and the tools taught by Mr. Scott have made my quit so relaxing, that I am going to recommend him to all of my family and freinds”
(T. Weaver)

Don’t delay, call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Everett at (206) 417-4900. The office is located at 337 no. 143rd St. Seattle, WA. 98133 take the 130th St. exit off of I-5 north, or the 145th St. exit off of I-5 South.