Harm Reduction, Hypnosis and Addictions, Why the War on Drugs Doesn't Work

I receive many phone calls re: hypnosis and addictions. So many people are trained to believe that they need some  magic bullet,  to fight their addictions, and so they are seeking some outside weapon that will stop their addictions.

Hypnosis will teach you how to use your own power to stop or control your  usage via utilizing the power of your own mind. Through the power of Foundations Hypnosis you can finally gain the control you need to reach your goal, you can learn how to utilize hypnosis to control and eliminate addictions,  whether that control be abstinence, or a more harm reduction approach.

As many of you may have read by now, there are new evidence based theories on the reasons for addictions.

While it is true that addictions affect four different areas of our lives; physical, emotional, mental,  and spiritual, we have been lead to believe that once you have the physical component of an addiction under control, the rest will fall into place. This is not always true.

A successful recovery program depends on what a person does once they are able to deal with the physical components of their addiction.

When I was in college, a classic experiment that was used to prove how it is the chemical(s) that cause the addiction, was one in which a man took a lone rat, put the rat into a basically empty cage, containing only two things. These two things were a bottle of water with no additives, and a bottle of water with cocaine added. The rat started using the water with the cocaine, and became so obsessed with this water, that it used it exclusively and so frequently, that it finally died of an overdose. The conclusion was, that once the drug built up in the rat’s system, it took over and the rat could not help itself.

Recently another experiment has shown that these conclusions were not quiet correct.

A psychology professor, Bruce Alexander, put a community of rats into a more comfortable cage, one with objects and equipment that was designed to make the rat cage more comfortable. Into this cage, Professor Alexander put the two bottles of water, the one with no additives and the one with the cocaine. The rats in this cage tried the cocaine laced water a couple of times, but declined it beyond this. They stuck with the untainted water. The conclusion was, that if you change your environment, make it more comfortable, more inviting, then the need for the constant drug use was eliminated.

Professor Alexander took the experiment one step further, he put a rat back into the lonely and uncomfortable cage, and watched as it became hooked on the cocaine laced water. This time, before the rat had a chance to die of an over dose, he took the rat out of the lonely and uncomfortable cage, put it into the more comfortable, more socially inviting cage, and was surprised to find that the addicted rat soon stopped using the laced water, starting using the untainted water, and returned to a non-addictive life style.

For many decades, about the last one hundred years, we have been lead to believe that just removing the drugs, or criminalizing drugs, making them stigmatized and making the addicted person stigmatized, will force of allow a person to quit there drug use. This war of drugs has produced a lot of social ills, and financial problems. (Read the book “Chasing the Scream” (The First and Last days of the War on Drugs), by Johann Hari).

What if there were another way? What if you were to discover a way to change your own rat cage, What if you could use the power of Hypnosis to change the addiction pattern?

With Foundations Hypnosis, and a technique called Emotional Release Therapy, you can do just that. You can learn how to use Hypnosis to eliminate the emotional effects of long held beliefs, and doubts that contribute to your addictions. You can learn how to change those doubts and start creating the life you have always dreamed of .

Don’t delay, call today, (206) 417-4900, you can create the life of your dreams by taking back control of thoughts and emotions through Foundation Hypnosis.

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