Hypnosis for addicts in Seattle or Bellevue

DLScott CH.t / CDP / AASD

You can eliminate the bounds of addiction 100% guaranteed. You can free yourself from whatever issue or behavior you have been struggling with no matter what anyone else has told you or no matter what anyone else claims, and I have witnessed people do this with the power of their subconscious mind! These techniques are available to anyone who wishes to finally end their addictive behavior, and is taught through Foundations Hypnosis hypnosis for addicts.

I have seen people stop their daily and continued use of such drugs as Crystal Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, and Nicotine by learning powerful and effective methods of self hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation. Hypnotherapy help is not only available but is highly effective.

First I would like to establish, what exactly is an addict?  According to the dictionary, the word addict means to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively.

Last week I started working with a client for weight loss. When they arrived for their first appointment they mentioned that they were not sure if I would be the appropriate choice for a weight loss program, due to my heavy emphasis on addiction. They went on to say that after thinking about it, they realized that some of their weight issues probably revolved around and addiction to food. I congratulated them on coming to the realization that one of the reasons that it is so hard to lose weight is because of the need to constantly focus upon food, diet, and eating.

This same rule applies to drugs, alcohol, obsessive compulsive behavior and just about any issue or problem that a person is dealing with in their lives.

Let’s look at drugs for example. Most addiction treatment is based on focusing on the idea that the drug is the enemy, and we must constantly focus on the fact that we are a drug addict, and are in a continual war on drugs.  This approach has proven to be unsuccessful on many levels. The United States has been waging a war on drugs for years, and is losing miserably. Treatment centers have continually addressed drug and alcohol addiction as a fight against the substance, and the recovery rates are very dismal. People have been fighting weight with diets and gimmicks that treat food as the enemy, something to be avoided and fought against, and yet we are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity in this country. Looking at the list of treatment centers and diet centers from Seattle, Bellevue, Shoreline, North Seattle, Everett, Lynwood, and Kirkland, seems to suggest that we have so many places to go, but are finding very little success.

Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Bellevue teaches you how to reclaim the power and control in your life, by teaching you self hypnosis to relieve stress and anxiety, one of the major reasons that people use substances in an addict fashion.  Foundations also teach mindfulness techniques that are the corner stone of such treatment programs like the ones used by UW Medical Centers.  When you experience the power of your subconscious mind, and gain hypnotherapy help, you will learn to stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution. It was Mother Theresa who stated, “I will not attend an anti war demonstration, but I will attend a peace demonstration”. Here was a woman who understood the true power of attention, and how you can use your own focus of attention to eliminate behaviors and addictions in your life by that power.

CALL NOW!! If you are experiencing any issues or problems with any kind of addiction, or obsessive compulsive behavior in your life, YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL, YOU CAN ELIMANATE that behavior and live a life of freedom and happiness. Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett  at (206) 417-4900.

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