Hypnosis and Anxiety, Clearing and Awarenss

I recently started working with a new client through Foundations Hypnosis. The client had come in complaining of anxiety issues which manifests in terms of relationship issues and fears of sexual performance issues. When the client first came in they were looking for the magic bullet, they wanted to be put into a deeper trance state through hypnosis, given a few suggestions, and everything would be great, their anxiety would be gone.

The problem with that approach is that it is at best a band aid effect, at worse the band aid effect  effect will wear off very quickly.

We live in trance states every day of our lives. An example would be that you go into your job, sit down at your desk, look at the massive amounts of e-mails, and work orders  that you need to answer or respond to. You begin to feel tension as you start to focus on the amount of work that you need to get done, you begin to think about how far behind you will be if you are not able to accomplish this, and your mind is off in a deep trance phenomena called time distortion. In common terms you would have shifted your awareness out of present time, and are now focused on an imaginary future in which things are falling apart because you have fallen so far behind.  In reality, none of this has happened, you have simply sat down and are trying to organize your day.

The same can be said for the client I mentioned at the beginning of this Post. The client meets a new prospective partner. They spend time getting to know each other, go out on a couple of dates, and things begin to feel like they need to move to the next level. They decide to go out for a nice dinner the following weekend, the client begins to worry about where they should eat, will the partner like his choice restaurants, will be able to have a smooth conversation, or will he begin to fumble and be at a loss for words. He begins to remember relationships in the past, and he focuses on everything that could have gone, that did go wrong, or that wasn’t perfect. The clients anxiety begins to rise, he worries about the type of impression that he will make, and this focus on the imaginary future begins to spiral out of control , The client is, without conscious awareness, experiencing trance phenomenon such as age regression, focusing on past events or imagining future events. He is experiencing his minds own post hypnotic suggestions, (based on fears and anxieties0. Without awareness he experiences the phenomenon of dissociation, the desire to not experience the tension in the body being created by the anxiety, but instead of taking care of the anxiety he simply represses it, thus causing even more anxiety and tension to be produced in response to the repression.

What is the answer?  Foundations Personal Energy Mastery Hypnoses in Seattle and Shoreline uses a very powerful technique  called Emotional Release Therapy, that will severe the emotions that are connected with the images and messages, (self created post hypnotic suggestions), and emotions that are tied to images of past and future events, (age regression and pseudo orientation in time). These images and messages are actually created by our perceptions and point of view. They may or may not be accurate at all.

Think about that, with Emotional Release Therapy, through Foundations Hypnosis, and Personal Energy Mastery, you can actually rid yourself of repressed negative emotions that have been brought about by our natural trance states. With just a few simple sessions you can give yourself a new life, a life in which you become aware of these deep trance phenomenon, and you easily and naturally begin to see them dissolve from your body and mind. This allows you to easily create and accept new hypnotic suggestions that are positive and beneficial allowing you to create what you want in your life.

Don’t delay; call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle / Shoreline, and  “Everett”, (206) 417-4900 today. You WILL be glad that you did.

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