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When you think about going to see a Dentist, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

While modern dentistry has taken a lot of the discomfort and pain out of the actual dental session, the majority of people associate a visit to the dentist with some kind of pain discomfort, or anxiety.

Does any of this sound familiar to you:

Being embarrassed about the way I’ve taken care of my teeth, will the dentist berate me, lecture me, or judge me because of my lack of oral care?

Gagging or being unable to control your gag reflex. How many of us, have tried to have the x-rays done at a dentist office, and have had trouble with the little film cards placed near the back of our throats.

The sound of the drill, just the sound of the drill and smell of the heat from the drill on our teeth, often make some patients sick to the stomach or faint.

Choking, being afraid that you won’t be able to breathe or get any air, or of not be able to swallow.

Numbness, the idea or feeling of numbness can be terrifying and make some people think that they will not be able to breathe, or perhaps you have had an experience where the dentist has not been able to get you numb in the past and they went right ahead and worked on you anyway, then you stay away from the dentist because you are afraid it will happen again.

The Cost, “Are you kidding, it cost a lot of money to go to a dentist, I can’t afford that”.

These are just some of the reasons that people fear dental visits, but now you can do something about it.

One of the most effective options is Hypnosis. Hypnosis, from a qualified practitioner, can and does alleviate or eliminate these fears and anxieties for you.  From the issue of bruxism, also known as TMJ, to the issue of relaxation and pain management, Hypnosis will provide with the skills and tools to having a comfortable and enjoyable visit to the Dentist.

At Foundations Hypnosis Seattle~Everett area you are guided through sessions of deep relaxation in which you will gain the ability to confidently face and overcome any ideas of fear or discomfort, and be given the ability to banish those fears and anxieties forever.

If you are wanting to know more about this powerful life altering experience, if you are dealing with emotional stress, and behavioral issues that have you kept stuck, then don’t delay, call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Everett at (206) 417-4900 today. Everett counseling therapist and North Seattle Hypnotherapy

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