Hypnosis, ERT, and Letting Go Of The Past

I have been a state certified Counselor and Hypnotherapist for over 28 years now.  The majority of that time has been spent working with both severely mentally ill and chemically dependent clientele. When a new client calls, their issue usually comes down to being stuck in their past.  A prospective client will call with issues that range from Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Bi – Polar, Schizophrenia, and Chemically Dependency. Over the past forteen years I have been witnessing remarkable abilities to let go of the emotional baggage of the past. This release allows them to let go of anxiety, stress, dis-ease, and the need to continue with addictive behaviors.

By the end of first session of Emotional Release Therapy, or ERT, I have seen clients cry with relief. they say that it feels like a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders. In reality it is the stress and anxiety being cleansed from the cells and tissues of their body.

Where does that Stress and Anxiety come from? Your / our Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Issues come from Trauma. The Trauma is based on several different factors. The two major factors are: we are biologically designed for survival, and constant negative messages from the adult authority figures in our lives.

As a species we had to always been on guard to protect our very lives. Our ancestors were constantly under attack from predators, wild animals, who would attack and kill us for food. This self protection caused a flight or fight response to kick in whenever we were in danger.  Things have changed greatly, and we are no longer under constant life threatening attack, but the flight or fight response still guides us on an unconscious level.

The second factor is just the way we grow up in this culture. We are constantly exposed to often times well meaning images and messages from the adult authority figures in our lives. How many of you reading this can recall receiving messages such as:

  • You are not smart enough
  • Why can’t you act more like _______
  • We don’t have enough money
  • Life is hard
  • Everybody is corrupt
  • If anything can go wrong it will go wrong
  • Face it, you will never get ahead, settle for what is handed you
  • Buck up, act your age, your gender, (whatever the perceived role was suppose to be)

Every  time that an adult or a person in authority made a negative comment, it registered permanently in your mind.  These negative comments became our unconscious Agreements with life. They have been the cause of most of your stress and anxiety.

Stop the madness!! Let go the Past, let go of unconscious Agreements, and Conditioning.  Let go negative conditions and beliefs that have kept you stuck in a life of Stress, Anxiety, Addictive behavior, or whatever else you have been dealing with.

Learn how to change your life around  don’t allow the negative images and messages, that we are carry around in our conscious or unconscious minds, and continue to be hit with on a daily basis, fill you with frustration, anger, and negativity. . Don’t delay; call  Foundations Hypnosis Seattle “Everett”,  (206) 417-4900 today. You WILL be glad that you did.



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