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Hypnosis North Seattle – Everett Counseling Weight Loss Program

DlScott CH.t. / CDP / AASD

Our country has an epidemic of obesity. According to some people other countries are laughing at us because of highly overweight population. I was just watching a popular news show, in which one of the commentators had gone through surgery to reduce their weight. Just like with every other diet or weight loss plan that does not address the relationship we have with food, the commentator who went through the surgery and lost an enormous amount of weight is steadily gaining all of it back.

One of the major reasons that people seek out the aid of Hypnosis is for weight loss.  The reason is that Hypnosis, like in so many other cases, has proven to be a successful treatment in the issue of weight loss. Why is that?

There are hundreds of diets and weight loss schemes on the market today. Every one of them promises to help you lose weight, and many of them do just that, but as mentioned in the example above, the weight loss is not permanent. It is not permanent because the underlying cause of being overweight is not addressed.

There are three major reasons for this epidemic. We as a nation have turned to a diet of unhealthy fast, processed, chemically filled foods. We are also experiencing stress in such high levels that are body is constantly being filled with Cortisol, often times known as the stress hormone, and one of the effects of Cortisol is turn retain fight, especially around the abdomen. Finally we have become a nation of computer addicts who are primarily sedentary, and don’t get enough simple activity, such as walking or stretching.

Foundations Hypnosis includes several different components to the Weight Loss Process. As always, the core is hypnosis which utilizes the power of the subconscious mind to create an atmosphere of relaxation. This accomplishes two things, it helps reduce the Cortisol being pumped into the system from stress, and it allows you to comfortably and easily change thoughts and images of your eating habits. Next you are taught a powerful and effective method of self – hypnosis in which you will use the power of your subconscious mind to reinforce your goals, and intentions toward weight loss.  Along with these components you receive a specially prepared Weight loss CD to listen to on a daily basis, and a Mental Diet Workbook that allows you to keep track of your progress during the program. After the first initial five sessions you will then have the option of going on a reduced fee monthly maintenance program to help keep you on track while the pounds melt away.

Hypnosis is the most effective and powerful method to lose weight.

Listen to what client’s says about this program. .

“After just the first session, I found myself having to excuse myself from a group of people who were diving into a large box of doughnuts brought in by a co-worker as a treat. They not only didn’t look good to me, they actually made me feel queasy”.

(J.D. Seattle)

“I use to feel so tired and lacked energy to do any kind of exercise program, now after going through this program; I am finding myself looking forward to going to the gym, and spending time on the treadmill. This hypnosis stuff really works”.

(B.S. Seattle)

Don’t delay, call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Everett at (206) 417-4900. The office is located at 337 no. 143rd St. Seattle, WA. 98133 take the 130th St. exit off of I-5 north, or the 145th St. exit off of I-5 South.