Hypnotherapy and Counseling What Makes it Work?

By DLScott CH.t / CDP / AASD / NLP

When a client calls my office, Foundations Hypnosis Seattle Everett, I am often hit with a barrage of questions such as, does Hypnosis work?  Can I be hypnotized? Can hypnosis make me stop smoking? Can I lose weight using hypnosis?  I feel stuck; I have low self worth can hypnosis make my life better? I have a problem sleeping, can you hypnotize me and make me sleep better. I am experiencing coming out issues, can hypnosis help? I am addicted to alcohol, can hypnosis make me stop drinking, or can hypnosis make me stop using drugs?

I am elated that the person has called Foundations Hypnosis Seattle Shoreline Lynwood Everett, and is seeking a way to stop their use of behaviors and / or substances that are causing them such problems in their lives. I am also cautious to explain in simply language that Hypnosis cannot make them do anything.

I have worked in the counseling field for over twenty years, I have discovered a few truths along the way, but none as helpful and exciting as the idea that NO!!!  HYPNOSIS CAN NOT MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING!  If it were that simple, then I would have long ago cured the ills of society and would have retired somewhere down in the tropics with a sizeable bank account and a bigger smile on my face than I already have.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective and powerful tools in my arsenal to help people create change in their lives. With the aid of hypnosis you can eliminate the effects of fears, phobias, addictive behaviors, PTSD(s), chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, anger, and anxiety. You can actually eliminate nicotine, and other drugs, from your life forever, but if you want to know whether Hypnosis can MAKE these changes occur, the answer is NO.

First off you have to really want to make the changes that you are seeking. Once you have decided, I mean really decided to make these changes, you have won half the battle. The other half is in making a plan, choosing a way of getting to your goal. Hypnosis is one of the best ways of allowing yourself an effective, powerful, and long term solution to achieving your goal.

When I first started out in the field of hypnosis, I did so to help people deal with stress, and anxiety. I wanted to give people a way of dealing with pain and physical illnesses. Once I was trained in the ability to hypnotize people, I soon discovered that I needed a lot more than just one technique, one type of therapy, to help people deal with the types of problems I mentioned above.

Over the years I put myself through school, received a degree in social and human services, became a Chemical Dependency Counselor, and learned even stronger and more specific techniques, such as Dialectic Behavior, (which utilizes Mindfulness), Nero Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Release Therapy, which incorporates some of the most advance research available to help people actually change their brain wave patterns and eliminate the physical effects of stress, and trauma. Even with these tools and techniques I can never lie to a client and tell them that Hypnosis will make them do anything.

The proper use of Hypnosis can help them, and will almost guarantee that they are going to achieve their goals, but it is the client themselves who must utilize the tools, it is the client themselves who must do the work to get to where they want to go. Hiring a trained hypnotherapist and qualified counselor is like hiring a trained guide to get you through the wilderness or jungle. You may be able to eventually make it through the wilderness or jungle on your own, but fast, effective, powerful results can be increased by hiring the right aid.

When you come to Foundations Hypnosis Seattle Shoreline Everett, you will discover that you will be taught these powerful tools and powerful aids, such as Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness, NLP, and Emotional Release Therapy, and you will be taught these tools in just a few short sessions so that you can move on with your life, without having to return to your therapist on a weekly basis for the rest of your life. In fact, with Foundations Hypnosis Seattle, you will discover that you can actually acquire the same powerful results by coming to your few sessions every other week, instead of ever week, (this bi –weekly schedule is much easier on the pocket book).

So if you are ready to finally make the changes in your life that you have dreamed about, then CALL Foundations Hypnosis, (206) 417-4900 NOW!!!!!  Foundations  is located in the north end of Seattle right off the freeway, just minutes from down town Seattle, Everett, or The East Side.  There are night time, and limited weekend appointments available and results are seen after just one session.  There are also special discounts for Smoking Cessation clients. CALL NOW!!

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