How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

The Missing Piece to Creating the Life You Have Always Wanted

How to Make the Law of Attraction

Work for You

DLScott CH.t / CDP / AASD

How many times have you heard people tell you that all you need to do to attract things into your life or change obsessive / compulsive / addictive behaviors is to think positive thoughts, visualize the outcome, and it will be yours?

As I mentioned in the Three Laws of Sobriety, there is a big piece of information left out of the advice.  The answer is HYPNOSIS!!!!!

From the moment you are born, your five senses have been recording information and data from the outside world and then storing it into the part of your brain that most people generally refer to as the subconscious.  These bits of information have been recorded and agreed to, as the program that runs our personal version of life.  Think about it.  As you grew up you were taught the meanings of words such as daddy, mommy, food, good, bad, etc. The meanings of these words vary from person to person based on the source of the information, but the concepts are usually very similar.

Our lives have been guided by many, many sources: the adults in our lives, our care givers, school, teachers, religious leaders, the media and anyone else who was able to get our attention. These adults and authority figures were simply passing on the meanings and agreements that had been passed on to them. In many cases the meanings and the agreements were put in place to make sure that we learned and accepted our place in society.

 This is a good thing and a bad thing. We learned great lessons, such as it is wrong to kill, lie, cheat, or steal, unless there is a higher purpose such as protecting ourselves in battle, or maybe telling a white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, or….. well you get the idea.

The problem is that we are raised / trained in the same way that we

train our pets and livestock. We are taught how to act and how to perform, based on assumptions and ideas that may not always be true.  By the time we become teenagers we have been instilled with rules and laws that are so ingrained, so internalized, that we don’t even bother to question them, and if we break even one of those rules, we punish ourselves with negative self talk, negative self image, and such huge amounts of guilt and shame that we come to believe that we are not good enough, we are not worthy of anything good in our lives.

            Now you are told that all you have to do is think of what you want, visualize the outcome; turn on the positive images, and the items that you think of have to come to you.   IT IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

            While that is true, we do create our lives according to what we focus our attention on, we have to recognize just what it is that we are focusing our attention on.

            The moments that we spend focused on our deliberate wants and desires are far outweighed by the thousands and thousands of random, negative images, beliefs, and agreements that are constantly running in the background.

            I mentioned in an earlier article that trying to override old thoughts and old agreements with new, positive thoughts and agreements is a lot like trying to wax your car without first washing away the dirt and grime that has built up over time.

            You need to take the step that is usually left out when you are being told about The Law of Attraction, aka, The Law of Attention. You must first clean up the dirt and the grime before putting down the new coat of wax.

            This does not need to take months and years of slow and laborious talk therapy. It can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, utilizing the power of Hypnosis, the power of altered states of consciousness.

            With the use of Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Bellevue’s Emotional Release Therapy, you are taught how to lower the vibrational pattern of your brain waves, and quickly weed out unwanted and deeply buried beliefs and agreements.  Once you have removed the emotional attachments to these unwanted, negative beliefs and thoughts, there is nothing that will stand in the way of you creating and living the life of your dreams.             

             Make your move!!! Fill out one of the easy and convenient assessments on this website, or call (206) 417-4900 to set up an appointment to start living the life you have always dreamed of.




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