Letting Go of The Ego with Hypnosis, Mindfulness, and NLP

DLScott CH.t. / CDP / AASD

It is hard to believe that 2010 is almost over, and we are getting ready to experience the beginning of a new decade. Are you ready to experience the best decade of your life, or are you still hanging on to old beliefs, old behaviors, and all the things that Your Ego dictates is what you are. Have you tried to stop smoking, eliminate addictions, lose weight,  and increase self worth and self esteem? Have you read all of the books and seen all of the videos on the Law of Attraction, and yet nothing seems to change?  Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett, has the solution.

One of the firsts thing that I teach my clients is the fact that while we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, and we are not our body, we certainly experience our thoughts feelings, and body. And we usually experience it in such a way that could swear that these things are exactly what we are.

Think about that, if someone asks you, “Who are you?” what would you answer?  Most of us would answer, “I am (fill in your name)”, or I am an American citizen, or I am a father, a mother, an (fill in your occupation)”, and a whole list of who we are according to the roles that we play.  Therein lays the problem. We believe we are these things, these roles that we play, such as “I am an addict, I am a cancer victim, I am the survivor of abuse”, and once again the list goes on and on.  It is the EGO that plays these roles, and they actually break down into three roles, 1) Victim, 2) Perpetrator 3) Hero. When your EGO is playing any one of these roles, it has the one thing that it really wants. It has the starring role in the drama you call your life.

What if you were able to do things differently in 2011? What if you were able to stop being a victim, a slave to your thoughts, and feelings, what if you could consciously let go of playing a role in your life, and actually begin living and experiencing your life the way you truly want and desire. What if you found out how easy it is too actually take control, become the master of those thoughts and feelings? It can be done, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is through the use of Hypnosis, Mindfulness and NLP.

Using the techniques of mindfulness and hypnosis, (plus the technique known as Emotional Release Therapy, which has helped hundreds of people eliminate addictive behavior from their lives), I teach my clients how to unattach from these roles created by our thoughts, and allow themselves to become the conscious observer of these thoughts and feelings, and roles.

The first thing to do is to learn to observe the thoughts, don’t attach to them simply let them float through your mind. Long ago in a conference class through Washington Hypnosis Association, I learned a technique that is an easy and effective way of doing this, and can be done without having to go into a deep meditative trance.

The next time you have a thought come up, such as when someone annoys you or does something that is rude, such as tries to cut in line in front of you, simply stop and ask yourself the question, “where did this thought come from”, answer yourself, “from me”, then ask, “who created this thought”, answer, “I created this thought” then ask yourself the question, “who am I”.  No matter what the answer, such as “I am (name)”, or “I am a male, female. Etc.” do not try to analyze the answer, simply go right back to the first question, “now where did that thought come from”. 

As you continue to run these questions through your mind, you will begin to notice that every thought is just that, it is a thought, and nothing more.  I personally practice this technique a lot, and have found that I react to my thoughts less and less, and this gives me more options in which I can choose how I want to react in any given situation.

With just this simple Mindfulness technique you can start letting go attachments to your EGO / brain created thoughts, feelings and roles, and start choosing a way of relating to the world and especially your immediate environment that will create and attract a life of abundance, happiness, and joy.

Using Mindfulness you will be able to let go of thoughts and emotions that have kept us stuck, and by adding the deep trance state of Hypnosis you will be able to implant new images, new messages, and the type of positive thoughts and images that will manifest the type of life you desire.

If you are ready to truly change your life, to keep those promises to yourself about becoming a nonsmoker, losing the weight you have been dreaming of, letting go of anxiety, phobias, and fears. Finally being able to get a decent night’s sleep, without waking every few hours plagued by random thoughts, and images that create stress and anxiety, THEN CALL NOW!!!!!  Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett serves the Seattle Bellevue area, and is located just minutes from I-5 in North Seattle near Shoreline.  The number is (206) 417-4900.

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