The Three Levels of Brain Function


Personal Energy Mastery works under the principle that the mind is divided into three distinct parts:

1) The Medulla or reactive / instinctual mind which is in charge of our instincts, our hormonal control, and basic drives such as hunger, reproductive drives, temperature control, respiration and heart rate.

2) The Sub cortical area deals with and stores our emotions / memories / triggers. This is where we store 1000(s) & 1000(s) of images of events and memories that continual play as though on a recorded loop, and help sustain our accepted beliefs and agreements.

3) The Cortex area deals with Self –awareness in this area we can problem solve by being aware of our thoughts and beliefs. With this portion of the mind we can choose appropriate behavior based on our self awareness, or self reflection. This is the area of brain that rarely gets used, that we let lay dormant.


Each of these brain levels is very important to our survival in the world, and each is activated by various stimuli. The Medulla or instinctual mind, which is always working to control our basic needs, breathing, pulse rate, urges, etc., can activated by our flight or fight response.

The Sub cortical area is constantly running, it is constantly creating our outside experience via our focus of attention, and unless, and until, we consciously take control of our focus of attention, we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over again. Notice how we will end up in the same type of relationship, the same type of jobs, the same situations / life circumstances. Some of the details may be different, but the energy is the same. This occurs because of the vibrational pattern of emotions that are tied into our prevalent images stored in this area of our brains.  The word “emotion” can be defined as “energy in motion”.  Emotions are very strong feelings such as Anger, Joy, Elation, or Fear. These emotions cause physical changes in the body. The effects can be either positive or negative dependent upon the type of emotion and the intensity of the emotion.

Sometimes we are unaware of our emotions, and how they are affecting our body, but they affect us in many ways such as tension, and stress. It has been reported that the biggest threat to our health is our stress levels. Stress affects us in five specific and measurable ways:

1)    Increases our heart rate

2)    Causes tension in the muscles and joints of our body

3)    Increases Toxins in the body

4)    Decreases our ability to flush out those toxins

5)    Lowers the body’s immune response

The Cortex is that area of the brain where our intellect is seated. It is the area where we have pure thought without attachment to emotion. When we feel centered and clear, it is this area of the brain that allows us to focus on what we want, instead of focusing on what we don’t want.

It has just been in recent years, scientists have discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous system—a complex system referred to as “the brain in the heart. This system receives and relays information back to the brain in the head, creating a two-way communication between heart and brain, by which the heart interacts with the nervous system, and the three different levels of brain functions. (See illustration on previous page).

When you learn how to meditate using the Foundations Hypnosis Personal Energy Mastery System, you will be able to effectively communicate with the three levels of the brain function that will help you achieve amazing things in your life.

 When we are upset, panicked, or anxious, it becomes hard to think clearly. Making a wise choice is very hard for everyone when they are emotional upset. BUT what if you could learn to control your e-motions (energy in motions, i.e. (personal energy mastery), and begin to feel confident and secure?  

 With Foundations Hypnosis Personal Energy Mastery you will learn how to connect with the heart of mind, and quickly release old agreements and beliefs while incorporating new beliefs, new agreements, and new desires into your life.


The basis of Foundations Hypnosis (Personal Energy Mastery) Seattle ~ Bellevue is a technique called Emotional Release Therapy. With this technique you will be guided through a quick process that allows you to remove old and unwanted emotions that are tied into beliefs and agreements, so that you can start adopting new POWERFUL & POSITIVE beliefs and agreements that will help you move ahead in life.


Through this program you will learn 


            1) Basic Meditation

            2) Dynamic Mediation

            3) How the brain works

            4) How to deal with change

            5) Detaching from old emotions based on old beliefs and agreements

            6) Letting go of the Ego

            7) Ridding yourself of unwanted habits and compulsive behaviors, (such as

                 drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and food addictions.

            8) Incorporating new life beliefs

            9) Awareness of self

            10) Forgiveness

            An easy way of conceptualizing this is to think of waxing your car.  If you go out and put down a coat of wax, without first removing the old dirt and grime, that old dirt and grime will quickly show through and render the new wax job useless.

            You can take complete control of your life; stop living a life of pain and angst, and start living the life you have always wanted. Don’t delay take Foundation’s easy on line assessment, or call (206) 417-4900 and set up an appointment.  



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