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What makes Foundations Hypnosis and Counseling Services different than other therapies?  It is a fair question and one that I would hope that people are asking of any Therapist, Counselor, or Hypnotherapist, before they decide to enlist their services as a provided. Along with the fact that many people are concerned about location, (Foundations is located in the north end of Seattle, near Northgate, Haller Lake, Maple Leaf, Mountlake, and Lake City), and people are also concerned with the style and type of therapy that their Therapist or Hypnotherapist is involved in. At Foundations North Seattle Counseling Services, you will be given both the best in Hypnotherapy, and in cutting edge Chemical Dependency Counseling techniques.

As those of you who have experienced Foundations North Seattle Counseling know, this therapy involves a technique called Emotional Release Therapy.  This technique relies upon the ability of the therapist to  get the conscious portion of the mind to drop down into the deepest level of alpha brain wave frequency, (between 8 and 14 cycles per second), in a very quick fashion.  By doing this your subconscious mind will start cleaning up the effects of stress on body cells and tissues, and also help a person unattach from traumatic memories and images that have been creating problems in the area of self worth, self esteem, addictions, phobias, anxieties, prolonged stress effects, (such as though experienced with PTSD), weight retention issues, and chronic pain issues.

While it is true that you don’t have to know specific issues and images that are attached to those stress related effects, some clients feel safer and more empowered when they have specifics to work with, so it is and can be helpful to use some regression work such as age regression, and even past life regression to help a client work on a cognitive level making the Emotional Release Therapy even more effective.

Many clients come to Foundations North Seattle Counseling Services wanting to make sense of questions that they have surrounding spiritual matters.  As mentioned in my last blog, utilizing Hypnosis allows me to help a client safely and effectively explore those themes and ideas in their lives. It also allows a client to explore these ideas while looking at, and working on a  bigger picture of mental, emotional, and physical issues and ideas.

If you feel that this type of counseling is right for you, then CALL NOW!!!!! (206)417-4900. Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Lynnwood ~ Everett is located just minutes off of I-5, about fifteen minutes from Downtown Seattle.

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