The Power of Hypnosis and How It Can Change Your Life

By DLScott CDP / NLP / CDP

It seems like a long time since I last wrote a blog for this website, and in reality it has been a while.

I have taken a break as I explore more skills, tools, and techniques to help my clients obtain their goals. What I have learned during these last few weeks is that by focusing on the tools of Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness, and Emotional Release Therapy, I believe that Foundations Hypnosis Seattle – Everett – Bellevue, has been made even stronger.

While I have continued to explore specific techiques and hypnotic inductions, what I keep coming back to is the idea of Mindfulness and NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Emotional Release Therapy.

Over the years I have worked within the field of social and human services, such as my current work  in both the Hypnosis field, and the Chemical Dependency field with a state funded agency. In both of these areas I have focused on the tools of Hypnosis / Mindfulness Emotional Release Therapy, and Dialetic Behavioral Therapy. Combining these clinical proven techniques has proven effective and powerful in helping my clients reduce or eliminate a wide variety of issues, and complaints, such as Anxiety, Phobias, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Sleep Disturbances, Personality Disorders, Pain Management, Nicotine Addiction, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. While I would never claim that Hypnosis, and Mindfulness are cures all for all issues, nor would I claim the Emotional Release Therapy Technique used and taught by Foundations Hypnosis North Seattle – Lynnwood – Shoreline, I will state that learning these techniques and employing these techniques will drastically reduce or eliminate effects of the above mentioned issues, plus a lot more.

With Foundations Hypnosis Seattle – Bellevue, you will learn techniqes, including self hypnosis, emotional release therapy, NLP, and mindfulness  that allow you to detach from the stress and trauma assoicated with old memories, images, and programming that we carry around with us all the time. 

Within a matter of one session you will be able to dramatically change feelings, and emotions that have kept you stuck in old behaviors, and old patterns for years. 

Think about that, when you begin to view old images and memories of traumatic events and situations in your life, those images, memories cause your body to be flooded with effects of stress, e.g. muscle tension, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and other feelings that make up what are generally known as the fight or flight response.  Take just a moment to recall a recent event, such as an argument with your partner, loss of a loved one, perhaps a fight with your boss. Really allow yourself to bring that image into your consciousness very clearly, notice the colors, the sounds, the details of the image. Now notice the effects that this image has on your body.

Now think of that same image, only change it some way. Make it less clear, make it faded out, add silly music to it. Now notice the effects that this image has on your body. You will notice that the image no longer is stressful or as frightening as before. You have just learned an important concept of NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), when you change the coding of a memory or image in your brain, the image no longer has the same impact.

This is just one of the amazing things that you can do by learning to utilize the power of your brain, through techniqes taught by Foundations Hypnosis Seattle.

When you add this too the techniques of Mindfulness, and Emotional Release Therapy, you will discovery that things you once thought of as insurmontable issues or problems, will seem to just begin to

fade from your life.

If you want to experience fast, powerful, and lasting resulting, CALL NOW, (206) 417-4900 Foundations Hypnosis Seattle – North Seattle – Shoreline, or contact me by taking the brief survey on this website.  You will be glad that you did.

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