Sleep Enhancement




This downloadable MP3  was created to help you drift off into a deep restful sleep and awaken the next morning, alert, and full of energy.  Do you find yourself unable to sleep at night, do you only get three to four hours of restful sleep and then have to drag yourself through the next day. Do you find that taking drugs to help you sleep, cause you to wake up feeling groggy and in fog.  Designed to eliminate stress and worry that keep you awake, this hypnotic MP3 will put you into a completely relaxed and restful state. Designed to work with the subconscious portion of the mind to help change behaviors and emotions that will eliminate the situations and thoughts that keep you stuck in your issue, as with other Personal Energy Mastery MP3(s), this download has been crafted using the tools of Eriksonian hypnotherapy, proven NLP techniques, and ideas taught by such leaders in the field of human potential such as Dr. Stephen Wolinski, Don Miquel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, & Ernest Holmes.