Overcome Drug Addiction




Do the consequences of your drug use outweigh the benefits? Have you ever had to consciously think about cutting down on your drug use, Have friends and family annoyed you by criticizing your drug use, have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drug use, have you ever felt like you could not be comfortable in some situations without the perceived calming effects of drugs. This MP3 was developed with you in mind. Designed to work with the subconscious portion of the mind to help change behaviors and emotions that will eliminate the situations and thoughts that keep you stuck in your issue, as with other Personal Energy Mastery MP3(s) this MP3 has been crafted using the tools of Eriksonian hypnotherapy, proven NLP techniques, and ideas taught by such leaders in the field of human potential such as Dr. Stephen Wolinski, Don Miquel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, & Ernest Holmes.