Treating Addictions with Hypnosis

DLScott CHt. / CDP / AASD

Welcome back. It has been a busy couple of months here in North Seattle, and I have been kept very busy, using my skills and talents working in the field of mental health and substance abuse, trying to learn new ways of helping people over come major issues in their lives, and helping them find new avenues to achieve their goals, hopes, and dreams. I have learned some new ideas, and have had old ideas reaffirmed, and am still utilizing these ideas in the best way possible to create the best new hypnotic treatments and cutting edge Mental Health, and Substance Addiction treatments for my clients. As always my work and research keep coming back to my passion, the field of substance abuse, and hypnosis.

Drugs and compulsive behaviors are an emotional anesthetic, an antidote to a frightful feeling of emptiness. While hypnosis and NLP can not promise a cure for the desease model of chemical dependency, it does provide a way to detach from emotional issues that keep pulling a person back to their compulsive behaviors, and addictions, (whether that be nicotine, alcohol, stimulants, or depressants), in spite of the consequences to your health, your relationships, and your job. Foundation Hypnosis and NLP, North Seattle, helps you to uncover the demons that have been plaguing you and causing you to relay on unhealthy habits, and behaviors, and teaches you new behaviors, and new skills, to help you move ahead in life, and achieve your goals and dreams.

Ask yourself this question: if my compulsive behavior is causing me problems with relationships, my job, and my health, why do I keep chosen to repeat the same action over and over again, and expect a different result? We are creatures of habit. Think about that, we have daily routines, and daily habits, that we have been performing for years, without given it a second thought.

When you wake up in the morning you stumble out of bed, hop in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, turn on the news, get dressed, and quickly head out the door. You don’t have to think about it, it just comes automatically, and without any conscious thought. After several repetitions, your subconscious accepts the new programming, and takes control. In fact that habit becomes so ingrained, so powerful, that you actually feel a sensation of stress and anxiety if you don’t perform the programmed behavior.

The same is true of your other habits and other behaviors. Whether it be smoking, drinking, procrastination, inpatients, angry outbursts, gambling, compulsive behaviors such as eating, smoking, negative thinking, worry, judgments, and taking things personal, they are all pretty automatic, and seemingly impossible to stop.

Hypnosis works by implanting new healthy habits into your subconscious, but before it can do that it is important to clear out the emotions attached to old memories, and images. It is a lot like preparing the soil when you plant new seeds. You want to get rid of the weeds, and debris that have kept the seeds from taking hold.

From the very first session, Foundations Hypnosis and NLP of North Seattle, Shoreline, and Everett, utilizes a unique therapeutic tool called Emotional Release Therapy, that reduces and eliminates anxiety, and stress. The client is also taught easy methods of self hypnosis, and mindfulness that clean up the old feelings of low self worth, low self esteem, negativity, and emotional trauma, in much the same way that you have to clean and fertilize the soil before you start planting new seeds. At the second session, the client is then ready to have new strong, positive, healthy behaviors implanted into the subconscious level of their brain.

Just listen to what one recent client had to say:

“After just the first session I found myself able to focus on my school work, finish projects that I would have normally put off tell the last minute, and find time to actually relax and enjoy myself without the stress and worry of things undone. On top of all of that I am able to get rid of headaches by just practicing my daily exercises, and listening to the hypnotic CD(s) provided as a part of the service. Thanks Foundations, I feel great”
A.M. Seattle Wa, University Student.

Pick up the phone and CALL NOW!!! Sessions are can be arranged on an affordable bi-weekly basis, and a typical program lasts anywhere from 4 to 5 sesssion. Foundations Hypnosis and NLP of North Seattle, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Edmonds, and Everett is just minutes from downtown Seattle by bus or car. Affordable, convinient evening appointments are availble. The number is (206) 417-4900, CALL NOW, you will glad that you did.

DLScott CH.t /CDP / AASD
Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Bellevue

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