The Truth About Addiction, What are You Really Addicted To?

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What Are You Really Addicted To?

Over the last several years, I have been dividing my time between my Hypnotherapy Practice, “Foundations Personal Energy Mastery”,  and my position as a Chemical Dependency Counselor with Downtown Emergency Services Center.

As I continue to work with clients who present as addicted to various substances, and I delve deeper and deeper into the whole idea of addiction, I am beginning to understand just how people have been trained to believe that it is their substance of choice that is the enemy. In other words, people have been taught to believe that they must fight against the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual addiction to their drug of choice, but what if this were not the case.

What if the thing that people are really addicted to is negative emotions?

As I tell all of my clients, if you didn’t get a benefit from your habit or addiction, you would not have to struggle to let go of your habit or addiction.

Think about that. The first time you lit up, drank up, ate up, snorted up, etc. you felt some form of elation, some form of letting go. What were you letting go of? Were you letting go of stress, anxiety, pain, anger, social phobia, some negative emotional response that your mind was creating in your body.

You probably did not think a lot about what you were letting go of, but you did feel different, you felt something better than what you were experiencing before. You had found a way of repressing whatever the negative emotion was, by flooding your body with a new emotion. At first the new emotion did the job, it gave you relief. Eventually the new relief became another negative emotion that you now have to deal with.

Conventional wisdom tells you that all your problems will be solved when you can break the addiction to the substance.

What if the true solution lies in breaking the addiction to negative emotions?  Your body has become so use to having negative emotions flood the system that we don’t even recognize that would we go into withdrawal without them. Originally you were identifying yourself as a person dealing with anxiety, anger, pain, social phobia, etc. Instead of getting rid of the negative emotion that you identified with, you found a way of creating a new negative emotion to identify with. Now you are identifying yourself as an addict, instead of a person who lives with pain, a person who is overweight, a person who has low self worth, or low self esteem.

When you take away any of these identities, you go into type of withdrawal, that will cause even more anxiety, and fear, leading to more of a need to repress or avoid emotions with some kind of addictive behavior or substance.. Your ego cannot live without some form of identity, and in most cases, (without even knowing it), we are identifying with the negatives in our lives.

If you are a person who has gone into their recovery journey, then you have taken on a new positive identity, you become a Recovering (Fill in the Blank).

So many of my clients find this route to be wonderful, uplifting, and fulfilling for the next chapter of their lives, BUT!!! Eventually, and I always hear this question, “Is this all there is? Will I be going to meetings, and groups for the rest of my life?” At this point, the positive identity starts to become a negative identity. The body once again begins to be flooded with negative emotions. And we are right back where you started. What is the answer?

According to medical research, our bodies are filled with repressed negative emotions. (Dr. John Sarno, Back Pain is all in the Mind). We are taught from an early age, that we need to buck up, be strong, don’t cry, be a Man, or be an Adult. We are taught that emotions are a sign of weakness. We unconsciously agree that these emotions are so undesirable, and so unwanted, that we refuse to acknowledge them. Instead our unconscious mind will create disharmony in the body that keeps us from even realizing we have these undesirable and unwanted emotions.

Most of the time these emotions are simple emotions of anxiety, fear, phobias, quilt, shame, and the list goes on, and on. We have been taught throughout our childhood and our young adult hood, that good, well adjusted people do not have these feelings and so our brains, our egos,  end up distracting us with other conditions, such as pain, diseases,  and addictions, things that we are not really responsible for, and that can be cured by outside forces, like prescription medicine, surgery, and long term counseling.

Every day I deal with people who are told that they need to remember to take their medicine, they need to remember to attend their groups, they need to remember to do whatever the outside solution is for their issues.

The funny thing is that none of this is going to work in the long term, until the person decides that they want to something different. You can continue to relay on outside sources to change you, or you can take control of your thoughts, you can take care of your emotions, and cleanse yourself of the negative emotions that started this in the first place.


I have said this before, and I will say it again:

Everything that exists is energy.  Your body, the clothes you are wearing, the air that you, are breathing, the paper that this article is written on, the chair that you may be sitting on is made up of atoms / molecules and empty space. Emotions are pure energy!!!!!

Quantum Physics tells us that everything that exists is nothing more than tiny bits of vibrating energy.  Since everything is energy, and all energy vibrates at different frequencies, then that means that your body, clothes, air, etc. are all vibrating at specific frequencies. The emotions that flood your body are actually very powerful bits of vibration energy.

Through a device called the electro encephalogram it is shown that our brain vibrates in beats per second, just like our heart vibrates in beats per minutes.  There are, in fact, four identified states of vibration when it comes to brain wave activity.

The Beta state, which is a vibratory rate of about 14 to 21 cycles per second, this is the state of normal waking consciousness in which we use our normal five senses to keep us in touch with the world around us, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and tasted.  The Alpha state, which is a vibratory rate of about 7 to 13 cycles per second, this is the state of consciousness in which a person is usually daydreaming, meditating, falling asleep, just or waking up.  In this state we are less able to correctly perceive the low of time and space, and we use a form of intuition when interacting with our surroundings.  When you enter the state of Alpha through hypnosis, or meditation, you are in control of the state.  The next state is called the theta state, which is a vibratory rate of about 4 to 7 cycles per second, generally associated with deep sleep and containing very limited therapeutic applications, while the last state is called Delta, and it is a vibratory rate of about 1 to 3 cycles per second, associated with people who are in a deep coma state, definitely not containing any specific therapeutic applications.

With Hypnosis, Meditation, and Self Awareness, you can use your brain, to master, and release negative emotions. When you release these negative emotions you give yourself a head start in building a life based on positive emotions, positive identities.

With a technique called Emotional Release Technique, through Foundations Hypnosis, and Personal Energy Mastery, you can actually rid yourself of repressed negative emotions that have been the root of so much disease, pain, and addictions. With just a few simple sessions you can give yourself a new life, a life in which you can start practicing new behaviors, new life choices that allow you to create what you want in your life.

I have had clients come to me after just a few short sessions, expressing how their friends and family have told them that their eyes are sparkling; their expressions are of smiles and joy.

These clients have moved on to new positive behaviors, new positive activities. Don’t delay; call Foundations Hypnosis Seattle “Everett”, (206) 417-4900 today. You WILL be glad that you did.


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