Use Hypnosis to Increase The Deliberate Law of Attraction

What exactly is the Law of Attraction? After much reading and studying books and materials on the Law of Attraction, that first started appearing in the late 1800(s), early 1900(s), I started using the power of hypnosis, to put the Law of Attraction into work in my own life.,  It is a basic rule of physics that has been proven over and over again, vibrations attract vibrations. .

According to physics, all matter is made up of atoms, and molecules.  Each of these atoms are made up of a nucleus which is comprised of neutrons, and protons. Each neutron and proton is surrounded by electrons, and dependent upon orbital position of the electron, the atom vibrates in a specific way. Thus everything that exists emits a particular vibrational or energetic pattern.

Our thoughts are energy made up of atoms and molecules, that means that our emotions and feelings are energy, with their own particular vibrational pattern. Have you ever walked into a room and you could tell how people in the room are feeling, either good, bad, happy,  mad, or angry, etc. You could say that you could tell it in a persons face, or body posture, but the fact of the matter is that we were able to pick up on their vibrational energy.

We were able to sense the other persons vibrational pattern because,  our own bodies are made up of atoms and molecules vibrating a constant vibrational pattern.  Our vibrational patterns are constantly in motion, and are constantly interacting with other patterns.

Whenever we think something, or feel something, the Law of Attraction is at work, arranging and uncovering everything that needs to happen to manifest your desire.

With that said, what does it mean for you? Does it mean that whatever happens to you was created or attracted by you? Well the answer is yes and no. We did not physically create the events and experiences that we manifest into our lives, but we did unconsciously attract them through our thoughts and feelings.

Many of my clients and friends will point out that they did not attract the traffic jam that made them late for work. They did not create the horrible relationship that just broke up. They did not cause the loss of their job.

While they did not consciously attract these events, they did unconsciously attract the vibrational pattern of these events simply by focusing on corresponding negative or positive thoughts and feelings. Think about that. When you get out of bed in the morning, you stub your toe, or you wake up frantic because the alarm didn’t go off, and you are late, and soon things keep getting worse, you spill coffee on your clean shirt, you cut yourself shaving, you run into a traffic jam. Your Law of Attraction is working perfectly. You are focused on negative thoughts and feelings, and the Law of Attraction is simply responding by arranging and or uncovering events that will allow you to continue to feel and experience your focus of attention. The Law does not discriminate; it simply does its job.

What you need to do is a simple three step process to help you switch your attention to something more positive, and thus attract something more positive in your life.

Step One: Deliberate Manifestation: Decide what you want to experience. Do you want to experience peace, calmness, or joy? Then focus on those things. It is not always easy, when you stub your toe, or you are late to work, or your boss is generally disagreeable, then it will take practice to switch your focus, but believe me when you put this step into place, you will very swiftly start to notice that things begin to show up, that will make your day more pleasurable, and more joy filled.

Foundations Hypnosis Seattle – Bellevue teaches simple and basics skills that will help you to start to identify what it is you do want to experience, and how to express these desires in a powerful and positive way.

Step Two: Focus on your desire: Once you have identified what it is that you really want to experience, you will need to begin to focus your attention on that desire. Sounds simple, but just because something is simple, does not mean that it is easy to do.

Foundations Hypnosis Seattle – Bellevue will teach you how to create and use affirmations that work, and get results. When you tell yourself “I am thin and slender, I have a wonderful relationship that is nurturing and kind”, and yet you feel resistance and negativity because  mind automatically tells you, “that is not true, I am still overweight, or I am still in a bad relationship, etc,” you will need to remind yourself that life is a journey, and that we are always experiencing changes. Focusing on the steps, observing the small changes that occur, will allow you to build up your positive belief. Keeping a daily gratitude journal or a daily success journal are two easy and effective ways of helping you to change from a negative focus to a positive focus.

Step Three: Release and Let Go: The third step is often the most overlooked step, and yet it is one of the most important. I have seen people declare what they want, I have seen them focus on what they want, and then they let doubts creep in. “I can’t lose weight, I have always been fat, or everyone in my family is overweight, or I never meet the right person to be in a good relationship”.  These are simply excuses that our minds create, out of old programming,  to keep us stuck in familiar patterns and behaviors.

Most of what clients come to see me about started with feelings of low self worth and esteem, and feelings of being unworthy. When you have done steps 1 and 2 of The Deliberate Law of Attraction, you will find that the results may be very slow, or will not come at all if you don’t remove feelings of doubt and negative beliefs.

Foundations Hypnosis North Seattle, helps the clients remove old messages and images that cause us to have self doubt, and a lack of confidence, by using a technique called Emotional Release Therapy, and through affirmative messages of self forgiveness while in a hypnotic trance.

If you want to experience the power of deliberate attraction, then CALL  Foundations Hypnosis Seattle ~ Bellevue NOW (206) 417-4900.

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